Sunday, February 13, 2011

I tend to regard myself as a dark horse, a black swan, a diamond in the rough, an anomaly. I often wonder what will become of my life. I'm aware that many believe that preoccupation with the future can prevent one from living in the present, but I happen to think that Macavity's curiosity was of an entirely different order altogether. Call it what you want--a highway, a carousel, an hourglass glued to the table--life keeps moving, ebbing and flowing and throbbing with the passions of a thousand splendid suns, burning brilliant flames of crimson red and deep blue, at once a fiery hearth and an ocean of secrets.

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  1. Nita,

    I ran across your blog quite by happenstance. I love the artwork that you incorporate into the blog. You show a certain wisdom just beyond your years in your writing. You remind me very much of myself at your age. Keep writing, it is most entertaining and is a great outlet for the soul.