Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The picturesque, country-style ranch house. Home. Tranquil, beautiful, ethereal. Lush green grass, an inviting front porch and mama's white, wooden rocking chair. Home. Wide open spaces, freedom, innocence. Running through the fields of barley, not a care in the world. Laughing and dreaming, teasing the sun in his jealous sky. Home. Another time, another place, another era. An era in which families were closely knit, childhood was synonymous with incomparable vitality, and "Un pour tous, tous pour un" summed up society's attitude toward their fellow brethren. Home. Rich golden heavens bent to gently touch the earth, take our hands, grant absolution, an indescribable benediction. A town where no one dared presume upon His grace, but all felt assured of His everlasting love. Where the heart is.