Friday, April 2, 2010


Confidence. She saunters through the halls at an andante pace like a gentle wind, soft but purposeful. She glides through the atmosphere with drops of Jupiter in her hair. Resolute and beautiful, determined and graceful, prepared and powerful. Unflappable in the face of adversity and precarious uncertainty, firm and secure in her faith. She knows where she stands, says, "I know exactly who I am." Though blessed with strong sense of self, pretentiousness evades her and humility, her longtime friend, accompanies her everywhere. Loving, compassionate, altruistic, a heart possessed by only a few, she gives generously, without discernment, discrimination, distinguishment of any kind. Made pure is her heart, soul, mind, body by the blood of another to whom she is eternally grateful and devotes all her strength. For this One does she live; for Him does she give. Freely and openly, liberally and wholly, absolutely and completely. Holiness flows from her bosom, envelopes her essence, her presence penetrating, overwhelming, pious. Lovely, surpasses a lady, more than wonderful because of He who is unfathomable, indescribable, uncontainable, untamable, all-powerful, incomparable, unchangeable, perfect. She strives to bring her Father glory and marvels at His magnificence. She prays His name not fall into desuetude for the fault of our churlish attitudes, lacking in servitude and gratitude. Lost feels she when unable to see His plans for all that is to come, occur, happen, take place, unfold before our very eyes. Reliance, trust, hope she places not in transient, fickle, capricious wants and desires, passion and fire, fen or mire, but in treasures stored in heaven, her heart, paradise, uncontingent on her part, Faithful and True, to obtain nothing can one do but believe in the Word, listen to the Voice of Truth, and serve.


  1. Thanks for the invitation to read your blog, Nita. An honor indeed! I especially like this one, "Confidence," from Friday, April 2. Autobiographical, I presume?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Dr. Henderson! This one is more of a reflection of what I want to be than it is autobiographical and reflects my belief that even confident people feel lost sometimes.

  3. Thank you for your invitation to read your blog, Nita. You are truly a gifted writer! Please continue to reflect the love of our Father in your writings.